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Live Chat Fairies stands in unison to support our friends, colleagues, brothers, and sisters in Ukraine. #WeStandWithUkraine

Deliver exceptional Customer Assistance on your Business Website

dynamic and systematically designed live chat service lets you handle customer messages in real-time.

Deliver exceptional Customer Assistance on your
Business Website

Live Chat Fairies’ dynamic and systematically designed live chat service
lets you handle customer messages in real-time.

We cater to the following industries:

E - Commerce
Online Gambling
Real Estate
Travel Services

Meet user demands and enable 24/7 support
when you outsource our live chat features

With highly skilled live chat agents and functional features for IM-powered messaging, we bring various industries and businesses closer to their target audience.

Thanks to our customizable and LOOP-enabled chat widget, your website becomes an avenue where customer concerns are adequately resolved, site visitors are converted into regular clients, and traffic to your pages signify reinforced B2B and B2C relations.

Industries We Support

  • E - Commerce

    Nothing beats the kind of customer support that gives clients a hassle-free method of reaching out to the brands they want to avail. Effectively resolve product return and refund requests. Promote new collections on your products and ensure your site visitors are redirected to the appropriate categories of the services they seek. Let repeat customers know instantly about discounts and upcoming sales, and connect merchant profiles with interested buyers instantly.
  • Forex

    Help your traders reach you in no time. Easily adapt to internationally based clientele and globally diverse demands. Live chat goes well with forex services because it expands the breadth of audiences and users that you can reach. The quicker and more personalized assistance you can bring, the more you earn their trust. Enhanced trust and convenience prompts your clients to invest more using your website’s features and services.
  • Healthcare

    With or without the presence of a global pandemic, an online chat help desk software benefits patients of all ages and people with varying health concerns. Help them book appointments in advance, inquire about their medications and prescriptions, and get immediate assistance for emergencies related to their well-being.
  • Online Gambling

    Get a quick head’s up on scammer alerts and user concerns involving transactions on your site or any of the games on your digital casino. Promote a secure and user-friendly experience for your patrons while reinforcing the credibility of your online gambling website.
  • Real Estate

    Arrange appointments and house viewing schedules as you discuss rates, property sales and costs with multiple clients. Maintain consistency in your communication lines. Establish a calendar for all your prospects and existing clients by setting up automated messages to inform them of your next available time.
  • Travel Services

    Help customers book the trip they’ve always wanted. Readily assist them in checking available schedules, scouring through vacation spots, and availing limited offer discounts. Verify customer information and confirm bookings in advance for a stress-free customer experience. Better yet, convert new site visitors who are only “checking to see travel options” into happy patrons who will readily promote your travel services to their family and peers.

Say goodbye to long waiting lines on phone support. Save your emails for brand advertising and lead generation strategies.

Make instant help possible for your customers, and boost the credibility of your business.