About Us

Who We Are

We have just the solution that suits your online support and marketing needs!
  • We maximize online communication channels to expand the breadth of what your services can accomplish.
  • A five-minute delay in responding to a site visitor’s query or a voice call queue that extends up to ten minutes is more than enough reason for potential leads and existing customers to switch to your competitors.
  • Our live chat services are meticulously tailored to aid in making your customer support services more accessible and manageable.
  • We also highlight the role of direct and real-time messaging in decreasing bounce rates on your website, convincing leads to become paying customers, and boosting your credibility.

Our Expertise

What makes our third-party live chat software stand out over other
companies offering live chat assistance?
Our software is powered by LOOP (Live Online
Operator Platform). It allows us to implement
bulk messaging systems through IM and SMS or
reach out to your end-users via email on behalf
of your business.
We have been adamant at continuously enhancing our features and services. As a result, we are capable of meeting big and small client expectations while keeping up with unpredictable user and industry demands.
Live Chat Fairies’ unique and professional range of
services cover flexible and multilingual assistance,
enabling your business to deliver globally
competitive service. We also have live chat
operators available for outsourcing if you currently
lack in-house workforce.

Why Choose Live Chat Fairies

Just like how we implement our features for live chat, our response team is also available to entertain your queries 24/7! Get nothing but professional, efficient, and dependable assistance from start to finish. Best of all, you get custom-fit enhancement for your services that adheres to your business size and target audience.

It’s all about the Live Chat Magic!

Equip your business with refined live chat services now.

Did we mention our assistance comes with zero set-up fees?