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Live Chat Fairies stands in unison to support our friends, colleagues, brothers, and sisters in Ukraine. #WeStandWithUkraine

Live Chat Fairies is a division of the NMS Group of Companies. A trustworthy provider of multilingual live chat solutions for startups and SMEs, we maximize the real-time and instant connectivity of online communication channels such as live chat so you can expand the breadth of what your services can do.

Our Expertise.

We have just the solution that suits your customer assistance, user engagement, and business communication needs!

Live Chat Fairies underscores the advantage of 24/7 connectivity and convenient messaging for both your operations and your customers. With messaging platforms powered by the latest live chat technology along with our very own proprietary platform, Live Online Platform (LOOP), our solutions suit entertainment and dating industries, customer support firms, e-commerce businesses, and other digital companies.

Live Chat Fairies’ unique and professional range of services cover flexible and multilingual assistance, enabling your business to deliver globally competitive service. We also have live chat operators available for outsourcing if you currently lack in-house workforce.

Why Choose Live Chat Fairies.

Just like how we implement quick, flexible, and accessible live chat solutions, our in-house response team is also available to entertain your queries 24/7! Get nothing but professional, efficient, and dependable assistance from start to finish. Best of all, you get custom-fit enhancement for your services that adheres to your business size and target audience.

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