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Live Chat for Ecommerce Websites

Sell more products and gain more happy customers with human and AI-powered live chat assistance.

Make Your Forex Websites User-Friendly and Increase Customer Engagement

Our live chat support service for forex websites include the following lineup of services:

24/7 Assistance

Instantly assist customer queries and concerns about promos, discounts, price lists, and the products sold on your website.

Canned Messages

Save more time by arranging responses to Frequently Asked Questions about any product sold by your online merchants.

Customizable Chat Widget

Take advantage of our live chat tool for ecommerce . It’s a chat widget that’s easy to integrate into your website.

Human and AI-Powered Messaging

Our live chat agents handle online customer escalations while chatbots answer commonly asked queries about your products.

Multilingual Agents

Extend your services and products to an international audience with customer support staff representing diverse cultural backgrounds and languages.

Real-time Responses

Transform endless “Add to Cart” only instances into full on purchases and repeat customers when you respond to them in real-time.

Analyze Site Visitor Activity

Review product preferences, commonly raised issues, satisfaction reviews, and individual customer feedback through our scheduled messaging reports.

Analyze Site Visitor Activity

Review product preferences, commonly raised issues, satisfaction reviews, and individual customer feedback through our scheduledmessaging reports.

Build Trust and Credibility

Our accessible ecommerce live chat support is a viable tool you can use to showcase your reliability as a brand. Fast customer support effectively earns their confidence and trust.

Create and Offer More Promos

Devise a rewards system for your loyal patrons by using analytics and reports generated by our software for live chat services ecommerce. Offer promos that speak to individual buyer preferences more easily.

Certify Product Descriptions

Some shoppers want to scrutinize the productbefore they buy it. Let our live chat representatives go beyond product descriptions and promote items to interested customers.

Increase Sales

Entice more site visitors to purchase items they fancy through your website. Real-time assistance significantly influences the buying decision of most online shoppers and drives higher sales for online shopping sites.

Personalized Assistance

Live chat for ecommerce websites serve as an extension of your business. Bring your business closer to your target audience. Highlight convenience and satisfaction each time they shop using your platform.

Superior Live Chat Support Solutions

Live ChatFairies’ array of tailor-made communication services enables you to keep pace and shape your competitive edge:
  • 24/7 Assistance
  • Combined Human and AI-powered Service
  • Dynamic Chat Solution
  • Guideline and Terms of Use Implementation
  • Improved Visitor Interaction
  • HIPAA & GDPR Compliant Software
  • Multilingual Support
  • Real-Time and Consistent Member Activity Reports and Analytics
  • User Safety and Privacy

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Maintain an Outstanding Online Presence. Create a consistently growing community of satisfied customers.