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Live Chat for Travel Agencies

Tailor-made services to turn travel inquiries into booking with a travel agent online chat solution.

Trigger Your Clients’ Wanderlust With an Efficient Live Chat Solution for Travel Agencies

Transform your clients’ inquiries to travel excitement with our amazing line of cost-effective live chat services.

Human and AI-Powered Live Chat Service

Live Chat Fairies provides reliable live chat support for travel agencies by combining the advantages of both human and artificial intelligence to ensure optimum user experience.

Multilingual Travel Assistance

Conquer the globe. Our multilingual chat support feature enables you to address clients from English and non-English speaking countries!

Quick Chat Response

Our agents are well-versed to provide responses quickly in real-time and handle sudden spikes in message volume without compromising accuracy of information.

Easy-to-Customize Chat Widget

Live Chat Fairies’ chat widget can easily be customized to suit your website theme to help you expand how you express your brand’s voice.

Intelligent Message Routing

We ensure that you always provide customer experience to the fullest. Distribute detailed customer queries among agents and assign answers to FAQs to chatbots.

What Can You Gain from Our Live Chat Support Service?

Having a website is not enough to attract your prospective customers’ interests. Here’s why you need live chat for travel

Lightspeed Booking

No more detours— go straight to your clients’ dream destination. Live Chat Fairies’ chat agents are geared to provide information in quick succession, enabling you to book travels 10x faster!

Reports & Analytics

We ensure that you keep track of your website’s performance by providing actionable and tangible reports. As such, we help you come up with future plans to devise new approaches and amplify your existing strategies.

Time & Budget-Friendly Acquisition

We hate hassles and inconvenience here at Live Chat Fairies. That is why we see to it that we offer fast and lucrative live chat support services for travel agency.

CRM Integration

Our live chat software for travel agencies can be easily integrated with your CRM software to help you simplify audience targeting, hasten conversions, provide better customer service, and ultimately lower costs.

Improved Conversion & Lead Generation Rate

Our live chat agents are equipped with information such as images, videos, and facts about a particular place, allowing you to convert more inquiries into travel bookings.

Superior Live Chat Support Solutions

Live ChatFairies’ array of tailor-made communication services enables you to keep pace and shape your competitive edge:
  • 24/7 Assistance
  • Combined Human and AI-powered Service
  • Dynamic Chat Solution
  • Guideline and Terms of Use Implementation
  • Improved Visitor Interaction
  • HIPAA & GDPR Compliant Software
  • Multilingual Support
  • Real-Time and Consistent Member Activity Reports and Analytics
  • User Safety and Privacy

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Maintain an Outstanding Online Presence. Create a consistently growing community of satisfied customers.