Why Using Live Chat Scripts Help in Customer Service?
September 18, 2020

Why Using Live Chat Scripts Help in Customer Service?

Starting a business  amid the digital age presents big challenges to many companies. The present time is also known as the age of instant gratification, and consumers have become more and more expectant and impatient when waiting for results. The increased customer demands for real-time service leave businesses challenged by the burning question, “What would be the best strategy that will help a business stand out among the others?”

From fast delivery to 24/7 accessibility, consumers have high expectations when companies make their services available online. In this setup, live chat support scripts come handy. Not only is it designed to keep every conversation fun and engaging, but it is also directed towards sales and conversion. When used suitably, customer service live chat scripts wins the trust and loyalty of users.

Why Using Live Chat Scripts Help in Customer Service?

How Live Chat Scripts Help in Customer Service?



Knowledgeable Help

Friendly Service

Positive Customer Service Words to Use

Negative Words That Should Not Be Used for Customer Service

Overview of Live Chat Canned Responses Examples

Opening spiel

Chat/Message Recording Spiel

Resolving customer issues


Offering a Promo

Account Verification

Responding To Negative Reviews

Confused Visitors

Impulsive Customers

Closing Spiel

Scripted but NOT Robotic

How Live Chat Scripts Help in Customer Service?

Strategically built canned responses make snappy assistance possible. In fact, these four factors matter the most in creating a positive experience for the customers:

  • Speed

Through utilizing customer support chat scripts, smooth conversation is ensured while irrelevant subjects are minimized. It helps agents to be more effective as well as creative when assisting complex processes.

  • Convenience

Prevent losing sales  due to the lack of information on your services by utilizing spiels to navigate the conversation while collecting information relevant to your business and user needs.

Many industries such as healthcare, real estate, and insurance need comprehensive and accurate  information to verify the authenticity of the transaction. Gathering critical information from customers becomes easy and seamless with sample live chat scripts.

  • Knowledgeable Help

To compile comprehensive and creative live chat canned responses examples save the agents time in finding solutions to common product dilemmas. Provide brief and concise solutions to product issues by preparing sample chat support conversation beforehand. Build trust through clear directions to reflect confidence and credibility in the business process.

  • Friendly Service

Cultivate a fun and enthusiastic setting in the business website with live chat canned responses. Keep the visitors interested through spiels designed to exhibit a friendly and affable service. Facilitate rapid and directed assistance even when presented with complaints to ensure quality service at all times.

Positive Customer Service Words to Use

Address customer attrition by applying these live chat best practices in turning customer complaints into business plans. Eventually, marketing strategies derived from authentic customer experience are the keys to provide consistent and superior service. Set a unique way of offering assistance by carefully choosing words to use in acknowledging user dilemmas and inquiries.

Some of the positive words and remarks you can use include:

  • Absolutely
  • Assure
  • Brilliant
  • Certainly
  • Definitely
  • Essential
  • Exactly
  • Exciting
  • Expert
  • Fantastic
  • Favorite
  • Gladly
  • Great
  • Good
  • Impressive
  • Quickly
  • Surely
  • Terrific
  • Understand
  • Will

Negative Words That Should Not Be Used for Customer Service

Here are examples of words that must be avoided when giving live chat responses examples to prevent cliche, tone-deaf and empty conversation. 

  • Awful
  • Bad
  • Can I Be Honest With You?
  • Dumb
  • Horrible
  • I don’t know
  • Never
  • No
  • Our Computers Are Slow
  • Please Calm Down
  • Rude
  • Sorry, That’s Our Policy
  • Terrible
  • We can’t
  • What’s Your Name Again?
  • Yes, But …
  • You can’t
  • You don't understand

Overview of Live Chat Canned Responses Examples

This list provides examples of canned responses live chat can adopt in building the trust of the customers . Improve company image by collecting transcript and request from users with engaging and real-time communication.

  • Opening spiel

Warming up to the customers and subtly implying the atmosphere of an efficient business process will attract prospects to pursue with the purchase. With live chat, high bounce rates are minimized by engaging visitors in a genuine and fun interaction.

  • Chat/Message Recording Spiel

Cultivate loyalty from repeat users by saving their information from the previous transaction. Avoid spending money on lawsuits by simply letting the consumers know that their information will be saved for future reference only and not for other interests. Exuding honesty and transparency before letting the consumer proceed with the transaction ensures security for both the business  and their end-users.

  • Resolving customer issues

After ensuring that the agents fully understand their problems, providing plausible and easy solutions on fixing their issues should be the next goal. Apologize immediately to initiate the willingness of the company to compensate the issue. If an instant solution is not applicable to the situation, provide answers to possible follow-up questions instead to exhibit time-effectiveness.

  • Escalation

Refer users to the right team immediately to save time and make the connection productive. Let users know that referring them to the suitable personnel or department is necessary in getting correct solutions to their problems.

  • Offering a Promo

Maximize the benefits of real-time conversation for brand promotion and sales. Offer deals and similar items that the customer is interested in through live chat. Give special discount offers with a bundle purchase. Endorse other products or services the customer may need to compliment their purchase.

  • Account Verification

Clear, secure, and concise steps for verification are important especially in transactions that involve money and credit card details. Ensure genuine and authentic conversation with interested shoppers by increasing security protocols in the transaction.

  • Responding To Negative Reviews

Receiving negative reviews is basically a part of marketing. With the right mindset and smart responses, a favorable outcome is possible. Provide a helpful solution to the customer at first contact to address the issue. With understanding and assurance that the company is willing to take a step further to improve the review, customer satisfaction amid their initial displeasure is possible.

  • Confused Visitors

Some businesses may unknowingly share a similar domain or closely identical brand names. Hence, it is unavoidable to encounter “lost” users. Greeting them with the same courtesy as you would with regular customers is a good way to engage them immediately. Help them realize that the business is in fact different from what they expect by presenting proofs of your brand identity along with social links.

  • Impulsive Customers

While it is difficult to please and entice most consumers through brand campaigns and promotions, there are some who do not need much of the marketing spiel and are easily compelled to make the purchase right away. Customer live chat support script easily hastens the transaction and assures the agent that all important measures are covered by following through the guide.

  • Closing Spiel

When closing the conversation, avoid giving abrupt goodbyes. Ask if the chat has addressed their concerns by giving a brief recap of the conversation. Give a timeline or schedule of the follow-ups if necessary before giving a closing statement.

Scripted but NOT Robotic

The convenience of live chat scripts for better customer assistance is highly comparable to AI chat or chat bots. Scripts for live messaging should be utilized as a guide rather than a strict set of rules. Providing agents with a wide array of words to add personality to the conversation  is a great technique to delineate their responses from chat bots. Chat bots indeed give speedy responses . However, conversations with software-powered bots generate empty cliches, a combination of robotic stock phrases and fixed answers that often may not answer the needs of the users. Meanwhile, equipping sample live chat scripts as guides nurture independence and creativity within the chat support team. With Livechatfaries, accurate and company-verified information is provided to guide your support representatives in navigating each conversation through live chat. It is within the best interests of Livechatfaries to help  companies paint the image they want to build. Hence, with the expertise of Livechatfaries' agents, every conversation is ensured to be speedy but proactive to bring customers a positive experience and create a good, lasting impression on the business.