Top 10 Customer Service Trends
October 15, 2020

Top 10 Customer Service Trends

An effective customer service is an important tool used by business owners in growing their company especially now, when a lot of people are using the internet as part of their daily routines. Just like how quickly technology undergoes consistent changes, customer service has also progressed and continues to do so until today. 

Trends are simply never-ending, and they vary even before everybody realizes it. Businesses are to cope with the changes for their target users to continuously experience contentment with their services. Here are some of the major trends in customer service company owners must watch out for this 2020 and beyond!

The Use of Social Media

Social Media platforms had been popular among internet users in the last decade due to its engaging and attractive assets. As the years went by, enterprises and business ventures have also found themselves using these platforms for their promotions and online visibility.

Since the majority of the target market are, in one way or another on social media, it didn’t last long for owners to realize the benefits they are getting from it. Eventually, these platforms are not only used for advertisements but also as a customer service technology to cater to the queries sent by their users.

Real-time Customer Support

Having a real-time customer support platform is not necessarily a new invention but it is still preferred by a lot, if not all, of customers. Thus, having a platform available 24/7 to answer questions still remains in the list of current trends in customer service. 

Technology offers various ways of how a 24/7 chat support can be done. It includes using social media messaging apps and the new idea of co-browsing or video chat, which is one of the new trends in customer service. As long as the common goal is met, which is to provide what the customer is seeking, it is effective. According to a study, customers prefer responses that are answered in less than 10 minutes, which is what they consider as an immediate response.

This may come in many features but the most accessible platform is incorporating an active live chat software on your websites. Some business owners who have not tried may think of it as stressful or a hassle but once they realize the benefits that their company can get from doing so, they will be forever grateful for coming up with the decision of having a good performing live chat on their websites. Plus there are also reliable service providers that are passionate and dedicated to helping their clients, especially startups, towards their growth.

Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence

AI-Powered customer service is utilized by many online businesses when it comes to customer support. While it is true that a lot of customers prefer having personal conversations with agents when it comes to their queries, the underlying reason behind this is their desire to get precise answers to their questions. More often, this is achieved when they are able to explain their thoughts to an actual person who understands their language. But at the end of the day, customers are not really after the idea of talking to actual humans. They are more interested in getting the desired information they need as they connect with a company.

Having this, companies must be wise in making use of what technology can offer today. It is one of the customer service innovations in 2020 to watch out for. Though it has been used in the previous years, there has been an increase in the use of chatbots and improved AI-Powered live chat software. Doing so not only cuts costs for companies but also reduces stress and burnout within their customer assistance team as a result of answering repetitive and frequently asked questions.

Advanced chatbots can use algorithms in answering questions given to the software. Using keywords can be a tool in giving precise answers even without having the human-aspect within the conversation. The more questions or keywords added to its algorithm, the more accurate its future answers will be. Another advantage is that it can be installed on different platforms if a company is using several for their customer support.

Self-help options

You may agree or not, but some people do not want intervention when they are doing transactions. There are the ones who are just more comfortable doing things on their own. The truth is, all businesses must try their best to capture as many targets as possible.

To be able to do this, one of the best customer service models they can adopt is giving their customers various options, including getting answers on their own. This may come in various ways, which include creating a specific page for frequently asked questions or a question and answer portion on your site or forums. Tutorial videos and other helpful contents also increase customer satisfaction. 

Live Streaming and Webinars

In relation to the statement above, some people are not interested in sending personal messages to companies. They would rather search by themselves on the internet. If you encounter end-users or customers with this preference, surely you wouldn’t want them to be misguided, right?

Today, a lot of internet users are fond of watching live streams and webinars conducted by reliable personas. For companies, it does not only promote their products and services but it also paves the way for them to engage with their customers. They are able to communicate with them and get their thoughts across about a specific topic of service. It also caters to what's new in the customer service industry today which is to prioritize customer satisfaction and build relationships with your target market.

Remote and Freelance Agents

During this pandemic, reporting to work every day is just hard. Some employees are not willing to risk their health for money. Most people also prefer having transactions over the internet which is less of a hassle especially for those who do not have time to visit actual shops.

As call centers and live chat software continue to improve over time, it also opens doors for agents and employees to widen their choices of the workplace. With the nature of the job being solely relying on the internet, a stable connection and proper equipment, working from home or remote work is completely fine.

Omnichannel Support

Using omnichannel as a client service technology for websites is one of the emerging trends in customer service these recent times. This allows customers to pick their desired platform of communication to be used for communicating with the company.

Omnichannel includes the usual platforms such as phone and email but also introduces the more advanced ones like live chat, social media messaging, and SMS. Nonetheless, business is expected to be benefited from these channels through increasing customer satisfaction and an excellent online presence.

Be Mobile-Friendly!

People undeniably spend more time on their mobile phones than on an actual computer or their laptops. If your company wants to have some of the top customer service trends this year, then implementing a mobile-friendly assistance is a good choice!

Studies show that  80% of shoppers use mobile phones to check product reviews and compare prices. Thus, having mobile-responsive websites can be your winning step against your competitors in the industry.

Be personal!

Creating personal content specially made for your most loyal customers is not new in customer service. Who wouldn’t want a personalized message anyway? If your company is targeting the creation of loyal customers, making them feel important and valued is the key to reach your goal. This trend is old yet timeless and is used by many successful companies. It is when you send personalized greetings and special promos directly to your customers.

By doing so, a company is to expect a loyal fan base and more customers having transactions through their website. Also, businesses will have their consumers’ pulse regarding their preferences and opinions on their products and services.

The rise of Voice Search

A lot of us may have already experienced saying “Hey Google!”, “Hey Siri!” or “Hey Cortana!” to our smartphones and laptops to search for random information on the internet. Nowadays, a lot of users, especially the younger generation, are also utilizing the said web search tool in locating products they desire. This means that for companies who are hoping to keep up with current trends, making products ready for  Voice Search tools makes them one-step ahead of their competitors.


Customer service, just like any other development brought to us by the advancement of technology, is always and continuously changing every year. This brings new ideas for companies and users to watch out for and make use of in their daily living. But no matter how complex these platforms get, one thing is common among businesses who have customer support in their websites: It is the goal of gathering more customers and increasing sales.
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