Importance of Communication in the Service Industry
January 11, 2021

Importance of Communication in the Service Industry

Everybody should take note that communication is not about the ability to speak alone. It is also defined by one’s capacity to listen, analyze, and empathize with another person. Its aim is to create a comfortable atmosphere for both speakers to share their insights and comments regarding a particular topic.

In the business world, the importance of communication in the service industry is top priority. It serves as analley for company owners to speak directly with their audience and gain their insights on what they offer. Typically, it is also utilized by entrepreneurs as a tool to create a positive reputation for their consumers by establishing great relationships with them.

Little do business owners realize that initiating interaction with their customers does not necessarily require the latter to send a message to their company first. There are various ways on how a particular enterprise can speak to their target audience, aside from end-user support options. Their options include personalized emails, welcome greetings, and—the most basic of them all—the website content itself. At the end of the day, it all boils down to how a company can persuade its visitors to stick to their brand and minimize the setbacks and negative  assumptions preventing a user or shopper from ringing the client assistance line.

Benefits of Regular Communication With Customers

Countless businesses have already realized the benefits of regular communication with customers and are already enjoying the fruits of their effort. Do not miss out on these advantages that your company may also get.

1. Positive Feeling

With proper communication, customers get the feeling of being valued by the company they chose to trust. Most of the time, a lot of people tend to go back to a brand they’ve already tested. Associating your company’s identity with positive values such as transparency, reliability, and honesty will create a good perception on your valued customers.

2. Improve Customer Loyalty

The feeling of having personal ties with a company increases the chance of a consumer to stay loyal to a business. Shoppers are now looking for brands that enable or support a hassle-free transaction.

3. Comfort and transparency

One characteristic of a company that excels in communication is the lack of reluctance in customers when it comes to acknowledging and voicing out their issues with a business. It implies they are confident in your commitment to provide solutions to their problems; thereby highlighting the importance of effective consumer relations in dealing with user concerns.

4. Free word-of-mouth marketing 

Several businesses have already proven that there is no better marketing strategy than a bunch of satisfied customers. They serve as living proof, which a lot of potential customers are looking for in their decision-making process and in persuading others to buy from your company too. When they start sharing their experiences with their friends, the cycle just never ends.


Customer Support Services Examples

Email Support

Email is arguably the most widely used among all other types of customer support. It is usually utilized by professionals because of the formality of its structure. While it is highly suggested for any company to provide an official business email address, it is not universally user-friendly because it lacks the capacity to address issues in real-time.

Phone Call

People in the older generation are said to prefer communication in customer support through phone calls. Despite the downside of having to shed extra resources for phone bills, its ability to provide instant solutions and real-time assistance is patronized by many.

Live Chat Support

Probably the most accessible of them all, installing reliable live chat support on your websites crosses off all of the unprecedented issues from other customer service platforms. It does not require additional costs yet still brings real-time assistance that everyone is looking for. All a business needs to do is find a good service provider that will give them a reliable and excellent platform for live chat.

Social Media Customer Support

Social Media platforms are widely used by today’s population of end-users. It has  opened a massive opportunity for online business owners, especially for their marketing plans. Several people also prefer speaking with support representatives through the different messaging platforms on social media. On the other hand, it is also up to the company to exert the necessary changes and effort for them to successfully utilize social media in providing reliable service and proper communication.

How to Improve Communication With Customers

Here are some of the proven tips on how to improve communication with customers and acquire loyal patrons of your brand:

Customer service language

For a successful communication with consumers through customer support, human agents are required to learn how to communicate with customers in customer service language. It is a well-thought-of set of practices used to put customers at ease when speaking with your company. Some advice includes using the word “we” as much as possible rather than “I”. The latter is only used when you are to take the lead or are to be accountable over a particular client concern.

Be Proactive

Communication with customers in business should be proactive about issues or problems that may occur in the future. Considering that some of the problems involved in your services are inevitable, it is just right to notify your customers ahead of time for them to be aware of the upcoming circumstances. It does not only increase their trust, but it likewise enhances their feeling of being valued. Make them understand the situation while delivering real solutions to boost their assurance and security.

Be Transparent

As most customers and businesses say, “transparency is the key!”. This motto also applies to online businesses trying to build good relationships with their customers. Transparency includes providing correct product prices, labels, warranty, limitations, and transaction status. The aim is to give the customer assurance that they are not being scammed and to avoid the problems that emerge from miscommunication.


A fruitful communication is not just about speaking but also listening. Above all, understanding what the other person has to say is also very crucial. Some agents tend to rephrase and repeat important points given by the customer to prove that they are indeed listening to them. It surely implies customer trust while helping the company take note of important points to be fixed and improved.

Use Harmless language and speak effectively

Always remember that when people do not share common knowledge about a particular topic, it may give rise to disagreements and arguments. In this light, customer service should be prompt and professional. Avoid using highfalutin words and jargon that can complicate the conversation even more. Use layman terms as much as possible to relay important information smoothly. Companies must make sure that their employees have the traits of effective communication in the service industry. Effective speakers tend to be successful in interacting with end-users, that they tremendously reduce follow-up questions and confusion among customers. Ultimately, they enhance the satisfaction of the business’ target audience.


Nowadays, to have effective communication and customer service, a company needs to take some effort to successfully attain their community of loyal and satisfied customers. Many companies have already realized the benefits that they will get from doing so. Assisting customers and patrons is not an easy job, and so the  Live Chat Fairies team is willing to extend their helping hand to business owners who aim to achieve that reliable, flexible, and quality live chat services to converse with their customers.