How Live Chat Improves Online Sales Conversions?
September 27, 2020

How Live Chat Improves Online Sales Conversions?

Conversion Rates and website traffic are two of the many Marketing Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that reflect the online presence of a business. 

Using live chat for leads has improved sales—from creating traffic to driving higher conversions. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to instantly build a connection between businesses and potential leads when people visit the website. Now, most consumers expect to be assisted through live chat when browsing business pages online.

Known for its speedy and responsive process, live messaging has become an essential business tool online. 

How does live chat increase conversion rates? Is generating leads enough in a business website?

How Live Chat Improves the Response Time?

There is a risk of losing customers if the website fails to accommodate and answer their questions immediately. Build a superior brand persona online by creating positive and genuine experience for the visitors. Deliver smart solutions quickly and improve conversion using live chat.

Experience the positive impact of live chat on conversion by turning prospects into sales with real-time assistance to visitors on site. Provide stellar customer service by valuing every second the visitor spends on the site through informative and rapid responses.

8 Ways to Improve Conversion Using Live Chat

Stand out among the fierce competition and reach Top-of-the-Funnel marketing with these essential tips. Discover how to use website live chat to generate leads and boost conversions.

  1. 24/7 Availability

The consistent availability of a website service generates a dynamic and adaptive front to the business. 24/7 live chat for lead generation is a sure way to capture consumers who shop at a different time zone than most customers and internet users. Furthermore, questions and complaints from the users may arise at any time. Providing a steady presence ensures customers that the business is always readily available to compensate and clarify the situation. Providing  customer service anytime also sparks loyalty and gears the company for global marketing and service in the long run. 

  1. Approach at the Right Moment

Create an impression of a smooth and seamless transaction with live chat using welcome messages. Approach consumers with a nice greeting and provide basic information about the services or products offered. Make engaging the visitor with a fun and active conversation the main goal of the website’s online messaging service to capture the impact of live chat on conversion. Gain the trust and personal information of the customers by carefully building proactive interaction with them. Livechatfairies offers tracking features that offer more products related to a visitor’s search history. In this manner, idle shoppers regain interest and possibly go through with a purchase.

  1. Convenience Through Omni-channels

Afford versatility, real-time engagement and immediate responses to the customers with real-time messaging. Increase the chance to generate more leads with live chat by creating an active presence on multiple channels. Boost website traffic and create a sales-generating platform by making the business available on different channels. Expand the breadth of your support services by making your website compatible with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Doing so allows users to access the page even while on-the-go. The cross-channel availability of customer assistance through live chat makes it possible for online businesses to meet audience demands quickly and establish an approachable and readily available stance.

  1. Provide Human Interaction

Although automation and AI are currently dominating most industries, internet users still prefer a human live chat agent compared to a chat bot. Although AI bots are capable of generating several responses in minutes or seconds, the answers they provide are mostly deemed irrelevant by the shoppers. Human-powered responses add a personal touch to business-to-client interactions. Compared to an AI representative, a  human agent  is capable of tackling more complex issues and convey solutions in a way that’s easier to process and understand by the consumers.

  1. Rerouting to the Right Team

The presence of product experts is important in regulating setbacks that a user may be experiencing with the product. At first contact, establish an immediate connection between the customer and the product specialist. It reduces the number of messages on queue.  Assure users of the transaction’s success by providing quick solutions and tracking the progress of their concern with live chat. Apart from increasing conversion using live chat, the ability of the business to provide reliable staff to help on their needs ensures that company is able to meet and reach beyond customer satisfaction. 

  1. Quality Chat Support Team

The countless benefits of utilizing live chat for business is only attainable in the presence of the right chat support team. LiveChatFairies provides superior service to its partners and to their customers with the use of real-time engagement tools and concise messaging solutions. With a skilled support team,  the potential loss in sales  caused by abandoned shopping carts are prevented. Employing the right partner is  a cost-effective solution as well as a smart strategy to gain big investment returns. Livechatfairies provide comprehensive training to their employees to handle multiple user inquiries at the same time. Their flexibility enables them to cater to visitors simultaneously while ensuring dedicated service to each. 

  1. Utilize Customer Analytics

When used effectively, customer analytics increases sales by offering similar products or discounted offers on similar items purchased in the past. Create an informative reference and guarantee next sales through saving customer profiles such as product attributes, notes, and tags generated through live chat. Utilize chat widget to entice users who prefer non-voice interactions, and consequently create additional qualified leads for sales. The added information of customer analytics, combined with a suitable tool for Customer Relation Management (CRM), methodically answers the question on how does live chat improve conversion. Such strategies and sophisticated tools are guaranteed by Livechatfairies to their clients to ensure positive results.

  1. Enable Multitasking

Turn waiting time into a profit-generating moment by assuring the shoppers that every interaction and purchase done on the website is worthy of their time and money. Employ live chat best practices for conversion rate optimization through allowing visitors to do other tasks while waiting for the website response at the same time. Most shoppers tend to leave the site and find another provider if their questions are not answered immediately or if there is a delay in processing transactions. Make your website easy to navigate and user-friendly. It will reduce the amount of time it takes for possible leads to find the products and services they seek. You achieve this by allowing visitors to transfer to the other pages while waiting for a response.

Key to Customer Loyalty

Shifting from brick-and-mortar to online marketing is not that easy. Several marketers online have rolled up their sleeve to stay on top of the hyper competitive marketing scene. 

With Livechatfairies,  businesses deliver top communication to their end-users and foster effective lead nurturing. Detailed reports and traffic counters are also provided to generate more leads with live chat.  Our services focus on assisting customers who frequent the company pages and demonstrate consistent interest about the products and services. Our online help desk representatives prioritize personalized and meaningful conversations, thereby reinforcing customer loyalty and a positive experience from the moment they enter the website to the time they finally click on the “Checkout” button on their carts.