Benefits of Omnichannel Customer Service for Your Business
October 23, 2020

Benefits of Omnichannel Customer Service for Your Business

Benefits of Omnichannel Customer Service for Your Business

Perhaps most business ventures have one thing common in their minds and that is to reach their personal goals. While it is also undeniable that the measurement of a company’s success is by its popularity and income level, such an aim can only be achieved by creating a loyal community of fans that will serve as your foundation in your journey towards growth and prosperity.

Omnichannel customer service is one of the more recent business strategies applied by company owners to augment their online presence and client support. By definition, it is basically a synchronized operation taking place in all different platforms to deliver a consistent and congruous response to all site visitors, leads, and existing shoppers.. It’s like providing a communication alley to your end-users on the platform they are most comfortable with. 
By doing so, they’ll never feel lost about the chaotic process of being able to send questions to a particular company. This article will provide a  thorough discussion about the importance of omnichannel to achieving your company’s goals:

What is Omnichannel Customer Engagement?

Maintaining customer convenience is a crucial endeavor for companies, whether they’re beginners or are already an established enterprise. Omnichannel customer engagement is a proven solution in keeping potential customers within your reach. A well-maintained online presence is one of the key factors in creating your own brand. Most of the time, people stick to brands they trust or those recommended by their friends and colleagues. Thus, maintaining a good reputation will also assist in expanding your market. 

A study shows that companies who were able to deliver strong omnichannel customer support retained 89% of their customers.

Basically, obtaining customer engagement using this strategy is like hitting two birds with one stone. You get those sales that you are working so hard for while also attracting stronger support from end-users because of the satisfaction they get from your hassle-free customer service tool. Any consumer who is able to transact their queries with a company they are interested in, in the easiest way possible, is the reason why omnichannel is important in maintaining a good brand reputation.

The fundamental step is to give them choices without putting their satisfaction at risk. Creating a synchronized system in various platforms allows companies to have a maximum grasp of their target market. The issue of difference and unfamiliarity among users is resolved, thus, creating a process that is suitable for all.

Why is Omnichannel Important?

Have you ever felt relief over the phrase “all in one”? That is the advantage of omnichannel customer service business enterprises will get when they start to apply this strategy to their plans. From using traditional channels to effectively unifying all of the platforms into one is a major development in business management, which signifies how far owners have come in improving their services for the benefits of their consumers. 

By consistently utilizing these platforms for your own gain while exuding high value to customer experience, you are able to keep in touch with your potential customers without unnecessary restrictions. Showing them the same sense of valuing their needs in whatever platform they choose to communicate with will equate to increasing their loyalty and boosting your brand’s popularity through word-of-mouth. Small efforts done through multi channeled assistance gradually leaves a huge impact on your company’s growth and development.

How to Apply Omnichannel Customer Service in Business?

To successfully apply and gain the full merits of omnichannel on your business, several steps are to be followed and applied vigorously. Nonetheless, doing this on your website will help drastically improve your online presence and brand awareness along the process. Keeping this in mind can be your guiding list in maintaining an excellent omnichannel. Here are some of the few steps on how you can apply it in your business:

  • Know your customers — Before anything else, you must first determine who your target market is. Where are they located? What do they expect from your company? A clear initial boundary of who you are after is important.
  • Real-time support — As experts would always say, immediate assistance is equal to increasing customer satisfaction. The only way to do that is through answering queries sent by consumers within a few moments from the time they’ve sent it. The use of new strategies such as co-browsing and video calls have also been proven to help improve customer relationships.
  • Install a live chat softwareEmbodying the meaning of omnichannel service, live chat support that caters to personal interaction on your website through the help of your team of well-trained agents is a guaranteed step ahead of your competitors. It is also a good manifestation of real-time customer service support which everybody loves from a service or product provider.
  • Maintain an active online and social presence — Social Media has its own pros and cons for every platform. It is upon the businesses to know which is most suitable for them and for their target audience. But being on the web is not enough. You must exhibit accessibility and alertness whenever they reach out using any of your messaging platforms. Doing this will also help companies determine their audience’s general behavior as a group and how the company itself influences their purchasing decisions.
  • Be mobile-friendly — Nowadays, people spend more screen time on their mobile phones compared to actual computers or laptops. Thus, finding a way to make your customer service platform reachable through mobile will make all your efforts worthwhile.
  • Gear up your team — Build a team of agents and moderators that has suitable knowledge for the job. It is upon the owner’s personal capabilities on how to keep their employees motivated and energized towards the tasks given to them. The important matter to be noted is that a team must be able to work as one while also working independently.

Benefits of Omnichannel Customer Support

The benefits that a company receives are the definition of what is omnichannel support all about. At the end of the day, it is the reason why owners chose to adopt the approach in the first place. Being able to handle a conversation, whether through chat or phone call with the customers is where your story towards success begins. 

Take a look at some of the worthy benefits a company can get from omnichannel customer support:

  1. No more repetitive questions from the same customer

Hubspot discovered that 33% of customers say that they are frustrated when they have to repeat themselves to multiple support agents. Do not let your potential customers lose interest in your company due to inconsistency or by forcing them to discuss their issues repeatedly.

Most of the time, this happens due to having various agents to talk about their issues with. Customers get dissatisfied and might just have to resort to switching to a different brand. With an omnichannel scheme, all of the queries sent by a particular person will be redirected to a specific agent intended for that customer or concern alone. Thus, it helps generate a sounder and suitable response to the issue.

  1. Superb Customer Experience!

Compared to your competitors in the industry, the omnichannel approach combined with the efficient human aspect in customer service will surely beat what your contenders have to offer. Particularly, businesses who are still stuck with the classic and old method of assisting end-users without being able to cope with the technological changes becomes the reason why your company gets a definitive edge against your toughest competitors.

Omnichannel’s capability to show a single persona throughout the different platforms helps both the agents and their customers in having a better experience completing business transactions.

  1. Customer Insights and Feedback

Some companies tend to neglect the importance of data gathered from consumer’s insights and feedback towards products, services, or the company itself. This may seem useless for some, but it will definitely help you understand your customer’s behavior and preferences. You will be able to adjust to the needs of your audience and formulate fresh strategies for your business growth. Be open to helpful criticisms and be proactive towards your approach.

  1. Real-time Engagement

Having to answer customer queries in real-time is not one of those trends that come and go. It is considered as one of the constants in the industry of customer support. With omnichannel planning, achieving the online presence you’ve been struggling with in the past will be done in no time. Plus, the risk of having problems arising from simple issues that potentially develop into serious risks for the business is avoided because the issue is resolved from the moment it was raised by a particular customer. Agents are saved from being burned out from their tasks while customers are impressed by the fast response and the feeling of being valued by a company they chose to trust.

  1. Productive and Motivated Agents

Maximizing agent productivity is what keeps any office at its peak. Gone are the horrors of a single agent being stressed out thinking about the number of enraged customers waiting in queue for their turn to raise their issues and problems.

With omnichannel, agents are able to tackle customer’s concerns tactfully. The extra time saved from the strategy can be used to focus on thinking about how they can improve their working approach which will also affect the outcome of their tasks.


Omnichannel is a relatively new strategy in business marketing. Despite still having room for improvement, the approach has already proven how instrumental it is in helping companies enhance their customer service scheme and reach their goals in a more efficient and reliable way. With proper planning and preparation, you will surely gain the benefits you expect and also help your customers and your employees increase satisfaction by bringing convenience through omnichannel customer experience. Company owners only have to make sure that they partner with a reliable service provider who shares the same vision towards the enterprise.Live Chat Fairies offers superb services for companies that are similarly dedicated to pursuing business growth.  Our passionate agents are dedicated to helping our clients through the solution that we perform best at: and that is providing a reliable live chat service.