Live Chat Trends and Statistics for 2020
September 21, 2020

Live Chat Trends and Statistics for 2020

The internet has served as the number one go-to channel for aspiring entrepreneurs and emerging brands to gain leads and reach out to their target audiences. However, as technology advances, so do the buyers' expectations and demands. Businesses are then pressured to devise newer tactics to help gain leverage and keep pace with a society that continuously adapts to the dynamic and ever-evolving technology.

One great addition to every business’s strategic approach is providing live chat service. Live chat became highly instrumental in boosting brands' capacity to initiate discussions with end-users and website leads.

Live chat may have been prevalent for quite some time now, but it remains a new frontier to most enterprises. After reading this article, you will be acquainted with the emerging live chat trends along with the recent online chat statistics of 2020.

Why Live Chat Is Preferred Over Other Channels of Communication With Clients?

Moxie Software's recent live chat industry statistics demonstrate proof that this software for online help desk stands out among other platforms for customer care. The figures show 72% of online purchasers are either moderately or highly satisfied if the website has a readily available medium for customer assistance. It was a stark contrast to how people rated convenience with alternative channels of correspondence. 

Meanwhile, chat messaging is favored by 79% of buyers as it generates immediate and curt responses. A similar study presented by Glowtouch states that around 92% of online purchasers prefer to make transactions with websites that enable the exchange of messages sent via chat box more than conventional modes of client support. These statistical facts prove that incorporating instantaneous messaging features on your site is a practical option in exceeding ratings for user approval and satisfaction.

Which Industries Prefer Live Chat: Statistics for 2020

Establishing an online presence can be a long haul. But with the emergence of various technological advances where businesses gain a competitive edge like live chat, converting visitors to paying clients became easier. A recent web chat customer service statistics report by Hubspot suggested that out of 1000 individuals, 60% indicated that they needed an immediate response when reaching out to a live chat contact center team, making it an integral part of every industry niche.

The inclusion of IM-based messaging is highly instrumental in equipping brands with efficient client assistance features online. It encompasses a wide variety of industries such as:

  • Automotive
  • Digital Marketing
  • E-Commerce
  • Forex
  • Healthcare
  • Online Gambling
  • Online Gaming
  • Real Estate
  • Social Networking
  • Travel Services

Providing a seamless way to interact and connect with your prospective consumer is the key for your business to thrive in a dynamic ecosystem. The presence of customer care services powered by instant messaging on your website is a practical move to consistently gain competitive momentum. 

Live Chat for Customer Support: Statistics for 2020

A statistical study implemented by Inc. indicated that 51% of consumers say a business needs to be available 24/7 for support. Another study by Inc. suggested that 42% of consumers prefer live chat support as it minimizes the chances of their calls getting on hold.

One vital aspect but still gets neglected by most businesses is providing reliable customer support for their site visitors. Since there are no surefire methods of conveying flawless assistance, providing real-time customer support enables you to get acquainted with the common concerns of customers online and allows you to anticipate threats and devise quick counter-measures to prevent prolonged customer hassles.

Live Chat As a Lead Generation Channel: Statistics for 2020

Aside from the fact that live chat increases customer trust and assurance, it is also a great tool for boosting lead generation.

In 2017, Drift conducted a live chat conversion statistics survey that analyzed 433 B2B SaaS in terms of their response time to their sales lead. The statistics concluded that out of the 433 businesses, 32 companies respond within five minutes. As you might have already guessed, their secret is none other than instant messaging or live chat.

Also, according to Drift and Inside sales, replying within the five-minute window is crucial when dealing with customers as it helps your business generate more leads than usual. Both companies concluded that replying within five minutes improves lead generation up to 400%. That is why it is a must that you don’t miss the five minutes window or it will leave a huge impact on your lead generation strategies.

Live Chat for Customer Satisfaction: Statistics for 2020

A noteworthy live chat support statistics indicated that 92% of customers feel satisfied when making online transactions, compared to other communication channels available. A 2019 live chat statistics by Forbes indicated that in 2018, the consumer satisfaction rate peaked at a staggering 83.1%, with a significant increase of 2.5% since 2017.

Live chat is a prolific tool not only for providing efficient customer support, helps generate more leads, but also improves your customer satisfaction rates.

Benefits of Live Chat as a Support Service

Live chat is an amazing tool to beef up your business. It offers a wide selection of advantages when used correctly. There are several live chat software available on the internet right now. Livechatfairies is a great addition to your marketing strategies. We cover a flexible range of live chat-related services that increase your competitive edge through addressing your lead acquisition tactics along with improving customer experience and rapport-building strategies. Contact LiveChatFaries today to know more about how we take live chat to the next level.