Live Chat Tips: How to Improve Chat Customer Service?
September 14, 2020

Live Chat Tips: How to Improve Chat Customer Service?

The advancement in today’s technology has brought drastic changes to our society in the contemporary landscape. Almost everything is basically accessible in one click. Transactions are now fully automated and most services are carried out online, thus explaining the emergence of online businesses, e-services and goods.

But this kind of development comes with a price. It entails several conditions to be successful in the online world. Its benefits are still achieved by formulating feasible business plans and marketing strategies with the goal of successfully creating personalized connections with website audiences aiming for an increase of satisfied customers.One of the popular and attainable ways to make that happen is by formulating an impressive customer service platform. Nowadays, most online businesses choose to improve customer experience with live chat. They are already following the trend, especially those who are targeting the younger generation who comprises the most number of internet users. This article will provide proven live chat support tips on how to improve chat quality on your online business' websites.

Live Chat Tips and Tricks to Improve Customer Service

Here are some of the effective live chat tips and tricks for online eCommerce  that will surely lead to an increasing customer satisfaction rating:

Reduce Response Time

What differs live chat from any other type of customer service is its accessibility and short response time. A lot of people patronize the platform because they get the details they need in no time. The overwhelming reception has led digital enterprises to maintain a short  response time to all queries. It is among the tested-and-proven live chat eCommerce tips that prove the efficiency and timeliness of instant messaging.

Immediate replies are often equated to higher customer satisfaction, which is the goal of all online businesses. At best, answering queries should be done within a minute or two after the message is sent. Otherwise, exceeding this time window will likely agitated customers and prompt them to leave the website due to unanswered inquiries. 

Chatbots and Canned Messages

Another part of the long list of live chat tips is the effective yet tricky nature of chatbots. One of the reasons why people have tagged a negative connotation to the platform is because many are using it inappropriately. Business owners must learn how to make use of this technological advancement in a manner that reaps a win-win situation for them and their end-users. 

Always keep in mind that what’s important in maintaining a conversation and also a live chat customer service tip is to give direct answers to the questions or concerns. Now is the time to veer away from the old method of sending unnecessary messages to customers that will only frustrate them. It is also better to have canned messages or scripts prepared ahead of time, so that each employee handling tasks on live chat support simultaneously answers questions from the website visitors. By doing so, it not only reduces the time it takes for support staff to resolve customer concerns, but it also ensures that their messages are handled in a courteous and productive fashion.

Be Polite and Professional

An important remark on how to improve chat customer service is to keep in mind that you are doing business and not just exchanging messages with random individuals. It is fundamental in a website customer service to engage with personal conversations when providing solutions. Unfortunately, a good deal of brands fail to remember that it is as important as creating personalized chats to set boundaries between the agent and the customer. Providing a professional yet engaging atmosphere will make customers feel that as if they are talking to someone reliable and one that will help them with their issues.

Compile Conversation Transcripts

Another benefit a company gains from incorporating chat support into their websites is compiling and recording transcripts and history of previous conversations. Since the conversations are exchanged in written form, searching for keywords is also faster and easier. It will drastically help agents in answering repetitive questions while using it for future use. 

For instance, a returning customer has decided to contact customer service again. Since it is not their first time reaching out to the business, client assistance representatives no longer have to go through the trouble of getting the user’s personal information or reiterate their previous issue. Their previous conversational record with the company will serve as their basis. It will also reflect a reliable online business for having to record old inquiries of their repeat customers. Eventually, website visitors will feel that they are listened to and valued by the company.

Be Proactive

Not all people or visitors have the guts to initiate a conversation or click that live chat button no matter how attractive or active it is. In such circumstances, it is the business that needs to make the initial move. Keep an eye on customers who are staying too long around the site, or those who seem to be experiencing difficulties while shopping online. Let them have their own private time first, then randomly ask if they need some help. By doing so, they will feel like they are with the right company that cares for its customers.

Ask for Real-time Feedback and Add email Buttons

Surveys are important in achieving the proper customer service for your brand. At the end of the day, there is nothing wrong with asking for feedback from both your regular and new customers. It is an effective way to know your audience’s pulse regarding your service and products. If possible, be specific with what you need. Add a section on your website where visitors and users send their thoughts on what aspect of your services or even your website need constant improvement. It would be ideal to add a feedback section right where customers will checkout.

Adding an email button also helps in increasing your email subscribers for newsletters and exclusive promos. Putting irresistible offers upon subscription, such as discounts or free gifts makes the job easier.

Conduct Regular Evaluation and Feedback to your Agents

Having good performing agents is one of the secrets behind successful live chat support. But sometimes, even the most diligent and responsible employees in your team also need to refresh their passion for the task. Another live chat customer support tip is to never let their job be nothing but a never-ending daily cycle. 

To continuously increase sales and accumulate more business leads, make sure that your agents deliver consistency in their work approach. Regular behavioral management is also important to remind them about good rapport and professionalism when dealing with customers. It may seem unnecessary, but the benefits of having well-trained and motivated agents drastically changes results.


The visual aspect is very important in maintaining engagement in a website. Every little detail must be well-thought-of to ensure that you entice your visitors to become paying customers, and of course, impress. When it comes to live chat, it is also important to put the live chat button in a strategic place where it attracts the attention of customers. Apply consistency in the placement of your site’s key elements. The same principle applies in your choice of colors for the live chat button and the chat widget. The more uniformly designed your website and live chat feature are, the less likely it will be bothersome for the website visitors checking out your pages. In fact, it might even encourage them to click on the chat button and learn more about what you have to offer.

Keep your chats active 24/7 

One of the things that frustrate end-users who try to access customer support through live chat is when the service is constantly offline. Putting up a live chat button but hardly being available to respond to customers is pointless and useless. It will just be a waste of space on your websites and it will also leave a negative impact on your business.

For successful customer support through live chat, maintaining your platforms online and active 7 days a week will definitely increase customer satisfaction. Never let your audience feel like they are neglected because a company that values customers creates the most loyal patrons.


Incorporating live chat is a crucial step towards successful customer service. It is almost necessary for every online business to have one form of customer support to help their site visitors with their inquiries and problems. It is also the fastest way for companies to establish a personal connection with their patrons.

Live chat is currently one of the most accessible and customer-approved communication channels when it comes to contacting companies. If you are to follow the trend and technological advancement of how businesses are carried out online, then putting up a live messaging platform on your websites is the best choice. Here’s the good news, Livechatfairies offer a reliable live chat service that can handle your platforms 24/7. Its real-time monitoring feature allows you to maintain an open communication line with your customers despite your busy schedule. The best part about this is you can now focus on the more important tasks that can help you grow your business.