How to Choose the Most Effective Customer Support Channels for Your Company
November 24, 2020

How to Choose the Most Effective Customer Support Channels for Your Company

Customer service plays a crucial role in a company’s journey towards success. It is the literal way of how customers can engage with the enterprise in a personal manner. Time constantly changes and expands the character of the industry to suit the shifting needs of target audiences.

Luckily, technological advancement has opened doors to many choices. More and more customer support channels have emerged from what used to be limited communication options for end-users. But as the alternatives grew, it also lifted the standards of the user on what a good service channel customer support should be. Businesses are now made to cope with the new situation and continue to improve their services or else be left with unsatisfied customers.

The key to this is to locate the most suitable platform and factors to consider when choosing a channel of communication. It must fit the needs of the target market while also benefiting the enterprise. This article will provide a thorough discussion to help companies choose the most effective channels for customer support.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Channel of Communication with Customers

To fully gain the advantages of customer contact channels, there are several factors to consider. These are the factors that will be directly involved in the process, a crucial part of maintaining a reliable and excellent service.

1. The Target Market

There are several factors to take note of to satisfy your customers. Aside from where sales come from, the company’s credibility is also built by the reviews and feedback of actual customers. Basically, this is answered by two main questions: -Who are they? 

Knowing your market’s demographics will narrow your options towards finding the proper platform for answering every query sent to your channel. On top of the list is to determine their age bracket. Whether they belong to the Generation Z, Millennial, young professionals, or the executives, it will require a different approach. For instance, older customers usually prefer phone calls while professionals opt for emails. The locations of your audience are also to be considered especially when you are targeting places far from your own business address. It will determine their preferences, urgent needs, and also locate the local competitors that you might need to watch out for.

The next thing to look for is your target’s preferences. What platform do they spend most of their time on? This information will eventually lead to the question, what form of communication do they prefer and what questions do they frequently ask? 

2. Your Team

Before dealing with your strategies, a company must first make sure that its internal team is geared up and well-prepared for the task of handling customer interaction channels. It is important to have a general assessment of your team members regarding their interests, experiences, strengths, and weaknesses. By doing so, you assign the proper and capable people into where they should be. It increases the quality of outputs attained and also the efficiency of the team in achieving targets.

3. The Customer Service Industry

Maintaining working customer support business channels requires companies to keep track of the changes and trends in the industry. It is much important especially when a business is trying to keep their online presence while successfully gaining their target market’s attention and utmost satisfaction. Today’s fast-paced world can shift demands swiftly that mandates enterprises to be flexible in their character.

What Are the Most Effective Customer Support Channels

Today, technology offers various choices companies can utilize. It is undeniable that there are queries that cannot be accomplished by self-service efforts alone. FAQs are always helpful but also take some labor from companies in compiling common questions and answers sent through their customer support platforms. Here are some of the common customer support channels people use at present to initiate a conversation with a brand of their choice.


1. Email Support

Usually preferred by the people in the professional arena, Email Customer support is the most widely used and the most established channel out of all the other alternatives. It is one of the few choices that suits almost all types of businesses. Its formal character allows companies to exchange serious and private conversations with their customers and at the same time keep records of it.

Despite failing on being able to answer customer queries in real-time, it is still used by many people from different generations. Companies are often advised to create their own business email such as [email protected] to maintain formality despite having personal conversations.

2. Phone Support

It is important for any company to have its own specific phone number dedicated to customer service. A lot of customers especially those who belong to the older generation prefer this platform mainly because it connects people quickly and in real-time. Known to be the traditional way, it continues to prove its capabilities in customer service despite the presence of newer platforms. Who wouldn’t want their problems to be solved immediately anyway?If a company has some resources to spare, then investing in a reliable telephone line will help them improve their service. But more often, problems occur after business hours. Agents only work for a certain number of hours per day, making telephone lines offline for the rest of the day. Also, it may cost an extra dollar for both the business and the customer because of the bills they have to pay. But nonetheless, a lot still opt to call customer service, especially during emergency circumstances.

3. Live Chat Support

Nowadays, installing live chat support on your online business’ website is the best choice. It is like hitting two birds with one stone because it is both efficient and cheap in nature but is still able to provide real-time action in answering chats and handling issues sent by the users. It is the middle ground among all of the customer support channels available today. But the challenge among business owners comes in coping with the customer’s expectations regarding their service. Because it is known to be reliable, some companies struggle to maintain active chats all the time. Good thing there are live chat support providers out there who are dedicated to helping their fellow business owners in reaching their goals. Some companies extend their support through outsourcing chat agents to respond to customers beyond the business’ office hours.

4. Use of Social Media Platforms

Social media is widely used by people these days. It serves a dual-purpose for businesses who have decided to extend their online presence to these platforms mainly because the majority of the market is there. Most of the time, people expect that inquiries through social media messaging platforms should be tackled in real-time and are also addressed with reliable assistance. It is the presence of high expectations that give rise to some problems.
Failed social media customer support affects the brand image negatively. Consumers become vocal about their experiences and comments regarding a particular company, and that is why the spread of negative reviews amongst other users rapidly increases. Even the way a business answers queries is also a thing to be considered. A study even shows that 32% of customers expect a response within 30 minutes through social media, emphasizing the importance of response time in a successful social media marketing.


The key to success is finding out what suits you best. Companies must learn to get their own mix and style that will satisfy customer’s needs and preferences. You will know that you’ve made the right decision based on the feedback given by your actual users and the increase of numbers in your online community. The more satisfied customers there are, it is a sign that you are on the right track.

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