10 Tips to Improve Your Online Customer Service
October 10, 2020

10 Tips to Improve Your Online Customer Service

With the height of competition in the market these days, one of the best things you can do to set yourself apart from the rest is to elevate how you assist your target users. It is not all about the product, but also about how you deal with your end-users. After all, they are the lifeblood of any business or enterprise. No business can ever continue to exist without them. Buyers also know how crucial it is to find a company that cares about what they think and feel.

In this article, you will recognize the relevance of a great support service and ways on how to improve online customer experience.

The Role of Customer Service for Online Business

Regular shoppers are the heart of all ventures especially an online enterprise that relies heavily on online transactions and correspondence. Making your business stay afloat and succeed involves working to make your client base stay. Ensuring repeat contact and purchase of what you sell or offer. A well planned out end-user support brings forth a loyal community of people supporting your brand. It is highly vital for you to invest in ways to improve your customer service online.

Thus, it is important to have dedicated representatives that can cater to the needs of the people availing your services. As much as a group of trained support agents is necessary, a specific set of guidelines for the team to follow should also be provided to ensure that every type of client interaction and concern will be handled professionally.

What other roles does a client help desk play in digitally-run enterprises?

1. Customer service serves as a marketing tool.

When people get assisted appropriately and satisfactorily, they will typically share their encounter with others who can be potential shoppers. 69% of customers who had positive experiences would recommend a specific company to others, and it eventually builds lead attraction and purchases.

2. Online customer service experience shows how a business cares about its customers even after getting a sale.

The customers will feel that they are valued enough that they can go back to the company for other concerns. It evokes how the company is serious about helping the customers.

  1. Since the customers' lifetime value has a direct correlation with revenue, it's amazing to find out that customer service brings in more profit than you can imagine. The return of investment does not automatically reflect in numbers, but it will manifest sooner once the company is capable of being consistent with good support service.

True enough, assisting people who follow your business is crucial and becomes so much more when its excellent customer service. So, how can you improve customer service and make it excellent?

Find out more below on how you can use end-user assistance as a leverage to boost your dependability and trustworthiness.

10 Tips How to Improve Your Online Customer Service

1. Identify the needs of your audience

Below are the top ten ideas for improving customer service.

Find out what your target users are more inclined to use when they contact your company. If the type of product you sell or the type of service you offer requires real-time response, then you can focus on live chat, then have email as a back-up instead of relying heavily on phone calls or voice support. Knowing what your customers need helps focus your efforts on a communication channel that really works.

2. Provide self-service options

There are several benefits to enabling self-service features on your website. First, it maximizes the time spent by support representatives time by providing answers to commonly raised queries. Second, it also empowers your customers by giving them what they need by simply looking at tutorial videos, FAQ boards and guideline posters. Take note, too, that 70% of customers want user independence asserted in browsing websites for the information they need.  

3. Respect end-user time with real-time support

It is possible that users are faced with unique circumstances while they seek your help.   The customer might be calling in the midst of babysitting or while driving. Their time is as essential as yours. Don't let them beat round the bush.

Provide real-time support. Try enabling live chat since it is also the leading communication platform ahead of emails and social media. When you can get to your customers as quickly as possible, they will appreciate that and it would lessen the likelihood of rants and frustrations.

4. Boost your customer service team's product knowledge

As much as you should lessen contact time of each user, it is equally fundamental for help desk agents to be knowledgeable enough about the ins and outs of the product you sell or service you offer. You may have plenty of time to check on things when you're assisting a customer online, but you shouldn't take advantage of it since your target is to provide a solution to customer issues as quickly as possible.

Knowing how to improve customer service through online business tactics which includes being knowledgeable of what you sell or offer to the public. It is one of the keys to manifesting awareness and acknowledgment of your efforts to assist customers.

5. Empower agents and provide the necessary training to improve their skills

Build up your team to be customer-centric. You need to empower and instill in your team that helping a customer should be your company's second nature. You will be genuinely happy to assist regardless of the customer's circumstances. Teach them how to be a better customer service representative.

Enlighten them on the dos and don'ts of good customer assistance. They should know not to use non-generic statements when talking to a customer, especially someone who is irate. They should be aware, too, that they must listen first to determine which positive language is most appropriate.

6. Use empathy with your customers

Speaking of etiquette in client support, we should also mention how important it is for your team to show empathy to a customer. A show of empathy that does not appear memorized or planned out, but one that goes beyond saying apologies, is commendable. Let the customer feel that you acknowledge their struggles and you understand how it feels, even if you haven't experienced it yourself.

7. Employ feedback and measure metrics

Picture your company as an entity that values improvement and innovation. Thus, you need to employ a certain feedback system to help your company grow. Value what people have to say about your brand. You should also answer both negative and positive responses, so other customers would see you as a company that’s willing to help and resolve circumstances.

You must also consistently monitor your business performance by evaluating team productivity and boosting customer retention, all while using your customers' feedback. It will also help you understand the changing business trends so you can plan out future customer service strategies.

8. Utilize social media platforms and be visible there

Since most people have social media accounts, you must make use of this trend to boost your customer visibility and engagement. Customers prefer companies that are visible and easily reachable whenever they seek assistance or if they simply have questions about the company's products or services.

9. Reward loyal customers and reimburse users who have had bad experiences with your service

One of the ways to improve customer service through online business models entails a structure for rewarding loyal customers, while simultaneously compensating customers who were not satisfied with your service. Try the usual reward system in rewarding customers to set them apart from the new clients. When it comes to bad customer experiences, prepare a compensation system in place. Specify what complaints are covered by your reimbursement system, on what grounds, and at what percentage is the compensation applicable. The goal is to let your customer service team know how much they are allowed to provide as a reparation.

10. Offer reliable and efficient live chat support

Since live chat support takes only around two minutes of response time than social media (approximately 10 hours) and email (approximately 17 hours), more customers seek and expect this feature on a website. More than that, client support via live messaging reduce support tickets that promotes team productivity. Users also get proactive help when live chats pop out while the customer is viewing the website and is experiencing confusion or difficulty navigating through the pages.

In order for that kind of live chat support to be possible, you need to employ the help of live chat support services like Livechatfairies.com. Here are some features that you will find beneficial to your own business:

24/7 Agent Support

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Multilingual Chat Support

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Third-Party Software Compatibility

Livechatfairies.com has a very efficient live chat support system that easily integrates with third-party software and add-ons to reinforce your competitive edge in the market.


With how competitive the online market is, you need to make sure that you remain competitive and sought-after by customers. The best strategy to do that is to have a remarkable customer service that make customers come back for more.

With how competitive the online market is, you need to make sure that you remain competitive and sought-after by shoppers. The best strategy to do that is to have a remarkable assistance that make audiences come back for more.

Allocating your resources in building a live chat service on your website improves the capacity of your customer service team to assist and guide end-users while steadily increasing sales and ROI. The highly flexible services Livechatfairies.com provides would help you boost your advantages. Don’t be afraid to augment your strategies for client assistance as needed. It might just be the secret to elevating your brand and the services you are offering. Improve customer experience with our tips and be ready to see the positive impacts to your business.